Fabriano Film Fest works to raise awareness of the wonderful world of Cinema and Short Films in particular. We believe that in a film there must be essential elements to guarantee its success and maximum enjoyment by the public, of any audience, of professionals or not. First of all we look for stories. Beautiful stories. We are convinced that a good screenplay constitutes the framework on which to build a good film. Comic, tragic or grotesque stories, it doesn’t matter. What is essential is that your film has something to tell us, to make us think, to help us grow. And in this story all the other ingredients – direction, photography, acting rehearsals – must contribute, like a wonderful orchestra, to make the film truly spectacular. Here you are. This is what we seek for the Fabriano Film Fest. To be able to dream, reflect, cry, laugh, and above all involve our audience together with us.
We do it with commitment and passion. For ten years.


Film in competition 2022 edition



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